Neco Alexone 125cc - £2,279

Here we are proud to be offering the all new sporty Neco alexone 125 maxi scooter, This scooter combines fantastic quality with bundles of space and storage.

The Neco Alexone is produced in Belgium and is fully Euro 4 compliant and equipped with EFI electronic fuel injectiona and dual combine braking, this will not disappoint anyone searching for a large 125 sporty scooter with a unbeatable price.


Engine Type                    -125cc, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled EFI

Transmission                   - Automatic Twist & Go

Starting                            - Electric & Kickstart

Size                                 - LxWxHmm L2120mm x W765mm x H1330mm

Brake Type                      - Combined Braking Front Hydraulic Disc, Rear Hydraulic Disc,

Weight                             -130 KG

Max Speed Restricted    - N/A

Max Speed Unrestricted - 55 + Mph

Break Control                  - Front Hand, Rear Hand

Warranty Period              - 2 Year


               Neco Abruzzi 125cc - £1,899

The Neco Abruzzi combines retro Italian designs with strong and reliable engineering from Belgium, these fully automatic scooters are crafted to offer you a stylish vintage scooter with a modern twist,

They are fitted with a 4 stoke 125cc motor for fantastic economy and a rear rack for carrying goods.


Engine Type                                4-stroke 125cc 

Transmission                               Automatic Twist & Go

Starting                                        Electric & Kickstart

Size LxWxHmm                           L1860mm x W785mm x H1110mm

Seat Height mm                           820mm

Max MPG Approx                        120 + Mpg

Brake Type                                   Front Disc & Rear Drum

Weight                                          95 KG

Maximum Speed Unrestricted      55 + MPH

Break Control                               Front Hand, Rear Hand

Wheel Base                                 1370mm

Warranty Period                           2 Years 


               Neco GPX 50cc LC - £1,799

Here we are proud to offer the new Neco GPX 50cc liquid cooled scooter taking inspiration from the stunning Ducati Panagale,

These nippy 2 stoke scooters take the sporty Italian design and combine it with engineering quality of Belgium to produce this Cracking looking and riding scooter.


Type                            2 stroke.

Capacity                      49 cc.

Transmission               Automatic.

Cooling system            Liquid Cooled.

Fuel system                 Carburattor.

Starter                          Kick- and E-starter.

Tank capacity               6.8 L.

Emission standard       Euro 3.

Dimensions (L/W/H)    1870 x 700 x 11120 mm.

Weight with full tank      87 kg.

Suspension                  Racing Gas Filled Shock Absorber.

Brake                            front Disc / Rear Disc.

Tyre front                     130/60 -13.

Tyre rear                      130/60 -13.


                Neco Borgia 125cc - £1,499

The Neco Borgia is a learner legal stylish 125cc scooter that comes fitted with a colour coded topbox.

These are fantastic looking and riding scooters that come with 2 years parts warranty, fitted with its 4-stroke air cooled engine and automatic gearbox these scooters combine Italian styling with strong and reliable engineering of Belgium.

Ideal scooter for anyone looking for a brand new retro styled 125cc with fitted colour coded top box.

Engine Type                       125cc, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled

Transmission                      Automatic Twist & Go

Starting                               Electric & Kickstart

Size                                     LxWxHmm  L1900mm x W680mm x H1125mm

Seat Height mm                  780mm

Max MPG Approx                 120 + Mpg

Brake Type                          Front Hydraulic Disc, Rear Drum

Weight                                  102 KG

Max Speed Restricted          N/A

Max Speed Unrestricted       55 + Mph

Break Control                       Front Hand, Rear Hand

Wheel Base                         1250mm

Warranty Period                   2 Years


                  Neco Lola 50cc - £1,299

The new Neco Lola is a fantastic 50cc 2 stoke retro themed scooter with bags of character and can not be beaten with its friendly price tag this great looking moped wouldnt look out of place whether it be in the busy city of london or parked outside a cafe in venice.

Finished in a range of stylish colours these will not dissapoint anyone looking for a great 50cc scooter with a strong name behind it.


Engine type         50cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder

Transmission       CVT automatic

Starting                Electric & Kickstart

Size                      LxWxHmm  L1690mm x W695mm x H1084mm

Brake Type           Front Disc & Rear Drum

Weight                  74 KG

Break Control       Front Hand, Rear Hand

Warranty Period    1 Year 

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